From Football To Tennis: Sport's Greatest Cryers

The world of sport is a passionate one and it's no surprise a few tears are shed here and there in victory or defeat. However, there are those that take it to a new level when the floodgates open and the waterworks begin.
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Following David Luiz’s tears after Chelsea’s defeat in the Club World Cup final we delve into the sporting archives to discover ten sportsmen and women who’ve also been unable to control the waterworks.

10. Diego Maradona 1990 

After winning the 1986 world cup single handed (pun intended) for a team that without him had less talent than Barnet’s reserves, Maradona was hell bent on doing the same trick at the following world cup in Italy. Sadly, the little cheat, sorry, I meant diminutive genius fell short of his dream after losing to West Germany in a final that will be remembered for instigating the back pass rule after Argentina tried to reverse their way into becoming world champions. Yes, a total of 3,457 back passes were recorded by the South Americans but these figures vary due to the fact that no man has yet been found who didn't fall asleep at some stage during the final. Anyway, I digress, having lost to an Andreas Brehme penalty Senor Maradona wept uncontrollably as the trophy was presented to West Germany.

9. Carsten Jancker 1999

Mario Basler salutes the travelling Bayern Munich fans, Lothar Matthaus is grinning from ear to ear and the Champions' League trophy has the Bayern Munich colours attached to it (conveniently they are similar to their opponents') but someone has forgot to tell the soon to be knighted Alex Ferguson's men. Two goals in stoppage time and Munich hearts are broken. Not only that, comically named Carsten 'rhymes with' Jancker cannot keep his emotions in any longer as Manchester United complete an incredible treble. Meanwhile, Jancker's only treble that night was of miss-hit shots.


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8. William Gallas 2008

OK so he didn't cry but his antics were more befitting of a child screaming and throwing their toys out of a pram than of a grown man who plays professional football for a Premiership side. This drama queen performance was more appropriate for a school playground but instead he chose Saturday the 23rd of February, aged 31 and Birmingham's centre circle to perform his theatrics. I know the French are known for there acting abilities but St Andrew's is not the place to perform in Moulin Rouge.

7. Mika Hakkinen 1999

Michael Schumacher had broken a leg and the only person left to contest Mika Hakkinen was the likable, but talentless, Irishman Eddie Irvine. However, a string of errors by Hakkinen and his McLaren team let Irvine in time and again. These mistakes included one by the flying Finn at the Italian Grand Prix whereby he spun out whilst leading. Hakkinen responded like any true man- he ran into the nearby woods and cried like a baby.

6. John Terry 2008

John Terry, or JT as he is more affectionately known, performed two memorable acts in the 2008 Champions' League final. Firstly, he missed a crucial penalty. Secondly, he wept onto Avram Grant's shoulder. Apparently, Grant demanded a new suit afterwards and, as a result of his cheek, was duly sacked. Nothing to do with the trophy-less season after all.

5. Oliver McCall 1995

When Oliver McCall became World Champion he was then deemed fit enough to fight Frank Bruno. What made McCall break down in tears that night is still not known to this day. However, it is believed that it was the thought of having to appear alongside our Frank in a pantomime performance that triggered the tears. "Oh no it wasn’t."

4. Michael Schumacher 2000

As Michael Schumacher approached his holy grail of delivering Ferrari's first world driver's championship since before the dinosaurs it all got too much for him and water began seeping from his eyes quicker than the oil from a competitor's engine after he won the Italian grand prix. Schumacher went on to win 7 world titles and become the most successful formula one driver of all time but he will always be remembered for his emotional breakdown in front of millions of viewers. Still, if you're going to cry, best to do it in Italy.


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3. Jana Novotna 1993

From being in a certain to win position, Jana Novotna collapsed in a manner that would have made Kevin Keegan proud. After her defeat to Steffi Graf in the Wimbledon final she cried for longer than anyone can remember and the consoling arm of the Duchess of Kent could not do anything to halt her crying. Her tears were in such abundance that the famous Wimbledon covers had to be brought across the grass to keep it dry for the following day's men's final.

2. Alex Higgins 1982

Alex "hurricane" Higgins became Alex "torrential rain" Higgins as his tears ran down his cheeks at the Crucible theatre, Sheffield. These were tears of joy, though, from the Belfast born snooker legend. These tears worsened as he began to realised that closing time of the local bars had elapsed in the midst of the trophy ceremony.

1. Gazza 1990

Undoubtedly the everlasting image of Italia '90 was of Gazza crying after England's semi-final defeat to West Germany on penalties. It is a well known fact that the Germans are masters of two things, female under-arm hair and penalties. The latter has aided the Germans to many footballing victories, the former has not.