Fulham: Saturday's Disaster Summed Up Our Season

Those two points dropped could spell the end for the Craven Cottage side, but it's been coming for a while...
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Fulham: Saturday's Disaster Summed Up Our Season

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I officially give up.

Fulham are doing a good job of making it increasingly hard for me to enjoy any form of football. 2-0 up with 15 minutes to go, surely you’re going to hold on? Then I remind myself of who I support and slowly accept the dreaded fate of holding on for a point.

It has to be said that supporting the Whites is quite an effective cure for football addiction. I find myself becoming more and more disillusioned with the beautiful game, kickstarting my road to recovery. But like all addicts, you find yourself relapsing, and this comes in the form of rare victories.

However, our fate, once again, looks severely bleak, and I’m not sure where I can begin to describe the events that transpired on Saturday afternoon. Our predicament was bouncing up and down like an annoying child on a pogo stick, and in true Fulham style we have now made our task significantly harder.

Having watched one of the worst halves of football in my life, we stormed out of the blocks in the second half, and managed to somehow find ourselves with a two-goal lead. Being on crutches, our smash and grab left me jumping up and down like a confused 80-year-old man at a retirement home Christmas party, but it was all for a good cause.

Unfortunately, my shameful attempts of celebration were to prove pointless, as the persistent need to keep in tune with our actions of the season extended, as we surrendered a valuable lead, and an even more valuable two points.


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A worrying sign was at least half the starting XI looking shattered at 70 minutes. Having made all three substitutions just after the hour mark, it left us with the inability to bring on fresh legs. Despite his usual positive impact on the game, having only coming on at half time, Dejagah looked absolutely knackered after 65 minutes. With players nursing niggles and running on empty, the writing was on the wall.

Despite his minimal contribution in the first half, I thought it was a strange decision to haul off Holtby at the interval. When you take into consideration that both Diarra and Sidwell had picked up knocks in the opening 45, the logic behind the move was puzzling. After Sidwell had been replaced by Darren Bent, it was evident that Diarra, who is still not match fit in my eyes, was struggling on his own in the middle.

Amorebieta’s defensive positioning for the equaliser was horrific. The Venezuelan had one of his better games, but demonstrated why we have conceded an obscene amount of goals in the league this season. Standing horribly out of position, his error gave Shane Long the easiest of headers to bring the game level. Such a goal summed up why we will probably go down this season.

With Sunderland hammering Cardiff on Sunday, it gives us an almighty uphill task. Our dependence on other results going our way is criminal, but there is small hope. At least our mission is simple now. Win our last two games and there is a huge chance we can pull it off. Just short of 3,000 Fulham fans will be travelling to Stoke this Saturday, and I’m hoping for a repeat of our last successful away trip.

As they say, 'it’s the hope that kills you', and that quote could not sum up our situation more. I’ve reached the point where I just want to know our fate more than anything. God knows what I will be harping on about in next week’s piece, but I do hope it is positive. We can still do it.

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