Fulham: We Have The Momentum... Now Bring On Spurs

Fulham have secured two straight wins - and could yet pull off one of the biggest turnarounds in Premier League history...
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Fulham: We Have The Momentum... Now Bring On Spurs

What can I say? The last few weeks have been a bit strange. Having become accustomed to insane losing streaks, and letting more in than Tony Warner after a weekend on the piss, we've now had two wins on the bounce, and I feel like I need to be checked into a mental hospital.

How to react is a strange one. I can guarantee you that not many Fulham fans know how to. We thrive on taking the mickey out of ourselves, and we are starting to run out of material. In times of dire trouble, we can always remind ourselves that we still pay Elsad Zverotic and Darren Bent. Well, there’s a relief.

Whilst the former took the annual game of hide and seek that extra mile, and the latter indulged in his 20th consecutive All You Can Eat buffet, we managed to shake off the tag of odds-on favourites to go down. One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how often pundits will change their perception on who’s going down. Suddenly we are a shoe-in to stay up. Ok then.

To be quite frank, I thought we were rubbish. We seemed nervy, and in large parts, Norwich were on top. But having seen us produce many a good performance this season, and fail to register any points, it was a refreshing change to see some luck go our way.

Kudos to David Stockdale, who pulled off one of the best saves I've seen live at a football game, to prevent us from going behind. He made another important stop from the following corner, which was a contributing factor towards our vital win.


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The Englishman has shown how much of a professional he is. Having seen his inclusion in the starting XI somewhat limited over the years, he has always managed to put a shift in when called upon. Whilst his command of the area still needs working on, he most definitely merits the number one goalkeeping position, and you’ll find it hard to argue with that.

Norwich will feel a little hard done by, in that they failed to leave the Cottage with anything but possession stats in their favour. However, it was quite clear to see why this was the case, possessing as much firepower upfront as a William Hague threat. Ricky Van Wolfswinkel demonstrated why he had only managed one goal in the Premier League this season, which explained their inability to find the back of the net last Saturday.

At this stage of the season, encouraging showings are near irrelevant. I will take watching football burning my eyes over attractive, aesthetic build-up play that leaves us exposed. It seems as if under Magath, we have obtained an increasing amount of discipline.

Having re-signed Mahamadou Diarra, his first two outings have seen us win both games and concede only once, which is a far cry from the majority of our domestic season. The former Real Madrid man has slotted right back into the middle of the park, with very few signs of the effects of his knee injury which has sidelined him for the last 16 months.

The Premier League never fails to deliver, and only two weeks ago, we were dead certainties to fall through the dreaded trap door. Now we found ourselves brimming with confidence following back-to-back wins and there are smiles all round. It must be said that my family and friends are reaping the rewards the most, as I’ve been a moody git for some months now.

Maybe it’s the bout of sunny weather we are experiencing in London at the moment, or the severe heatstroke, but I find myself being positive about Fulham for once. My strong belief that we will now stay up is worrying, as complacency is always an issues in these situations. Knowing my club well, severe optimism never tends to last too long, bring on Spurs.

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