Orient, Man United, Man City, Crawley: Good Week/Bad Week In The FA Cup

The O's provide the magic, Bebe and Anelka weigh in with the tragic and everyone seems to hate Crawley manager Steve Evans ...
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'Thank christ for Leyton Orient' is not a sentence I've ever felt the need to utter before this weekend. My last dealing with the O's was in fact a negative one. London Bridge station, a saturday afternoon a few years back. The O's had just visited Milwall, you can guess the rest. But following the decision to let West Ham move into the Olympic Stadium - a move that owner Barry Hearn believes will hugely affect the Brisbane Road outfit - the last minute equaliser scored by Jonathan Tehoue to force a replay at The Emirates proved that the FA Cup can conjure up a bit of the old stardust when it needs to.

It should, of course, be Crawley who are the neutrals' underdog, but manager Steve Evans is such an arsehole that Crawley are despised at lower league level and, thanks to a few of my pals on Twitter, I am now privy to more information about him apart from my belief that he is the bastard offspring of Jimmy Crankie and Andy Goram. You can find the full disclosure on the convicted criminal here, but if time is at a premium, then he's a fraudulent chancer who played his part in the demise of Boston United. Read the full version.

Much more of this and Ancelotti will be off. What price the vile Abramovich turning to the repugnant Steve Evans as his replacement?

His players do, though, deserve credit to matching up to Man Utd and driving huge nails into the careers of Gabriel Obertan and Bebe. Obertan is a strange player, with one touch he can look like the original Ronaldo yet in a trice he has fallen over the ball. He looks gutless, witless and has apparently told Fergie that he can't make the grade. Bebe, of course, is saying nothing. You don't get from the Homeless World Cup to Alderley Edge without a certain amount of guile, but he was also sensationally shit. It's like he has seen a video Beckham and thinks he has to do nothing but cross when it gets near him. That would, I suppose, be fine if he didn't have a Plantain where his right foot should be.

'Thank Christ for Carlos Tevez' is a sentence I've used plentifully since he arrived in the Premier League. Ok, so he went a bit mental and did a Rooney to get more money out of City, but he is one player who can never be accused of not putting a shift in. Apart from two headed Viera goals, City looked fairly pedestrian until Carlitos rose from the bench. It was like slinging the national grid into a millpond. Not only does he lift his team mates with his drive, but his quality on the ball and intelligent, indefatigable running makes them better players. The change in Edin Dzeko, for one, was immeasurable. Chelsea definitely spent £50m on the wrong player.

Would they have lost to Everton with Tevez in the team? I suppose the point is moot because he’d have also been cup-tied but you’d have to think that the succession of chances missed by Lampard and the lazy, fear-stricken penalty of Anelka would have been buried by the man from Fort Apache.

Much more of this and Ancelotti will be off. What price the vile Abramovich turning to the repugnant Steve Evans as his replacement?

They’d both be getting exactly what they deserved.

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