Goodbye Flanno? Liverpool Target £10mil Argie Replacement

Looks like LFC don't care about the fact one of their own is flourishing in their side and they'd really rather bring in a bit of Argie steak...
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Goodbye Flanno? Liverpool Target £10mil Argie Replacement

We love Jon Flanagan at Sabotage Times - he's a front-foot defender who attacks the ball with the will a right hungry b*****d and is deceptively brilliant on the ball, with his one touch passing proving a valuable asset to establishing Liverpool's mad-quick counter-attacking style.

Shame, then, that reports are flooding in that Liverpool are looking to beat Arsenal to the signature of Argentine international Marcos Rojo - an admittedly solid player who'd likely bring none of the passion or 'looking a bit like Cletus The Slack-Jawed Yokel' that young Flanno currently does.

While some may be quick to call him out as merely a back-up for the Scouse Cafu, the £10million price tag bandied about probably suggests otherwise. That's a ludicrous amount of money to spend on a substitute, even for a team in the relatively decent financial condition of Liverpool.

Is it time to say goodbye to Flani Alves already? Or does it final signal the exit for Glen Johnson?


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