Harry Redknapp: "It's Not A Good Arsenal Team At The Moment"

The current QPR boss was a Gunner as a youngster and although he's defended Arsene for the fantastic job he's done, he can't defend the current team...


If you support one team, you don’t make it instantaneously known to your rivals. For Manchester United, Everton and Tottenham Hotspur supporters, you wouldn’t stride into Manchester City, Liverpool or Arsenal and proclaim your love for a rival team, regardless of the passion for your club.

For Harry Redknapp, it was a similar stance he had to adopt when he took over at first West Ham United and then Spurs. You see, for those that didn’t know already, the veteran boss was an Arsenal fan when he was younger.

“I was a Gooner, I must be honest. Me and my dad were fanatical Arsenal fans,” he said at an exclusive charity event. “We lived in Poplar, in east London, and everyone was West Ham, all the other kids. But my dad took me to Arsenal. From day one we used to go to every game and we absolutely loved the Gunners at that time.”

Naturally, he couldn’t allow the news to break out when he was working at White Hart Lane, adding: “But despite everything, I couldn’t let that be known when I was manager of Tottenham (Hotspur)."

Understandably, he altered his stance from die hard Gunner to supporting the Hammers as a youngster, admitting his change in loyalties the day he signed for the east London outfit.


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“But you move on and I joined West Ham when I was 15, so West Ham were my club. I think wherever you are that is your team - all the family, all the grandkids, they all got QPR kits for Christmas; that’s how it goes,” he went on to say.

Nevertheless, it’s impossible to cover up his love for the north London side and when he was quizzed about possibly taking over from Arsene Wenger at Arsenal, the current R’s manager admitted it would be great to manage the Gunners, while defending the Frenchman following the recent penalty shoot-out defeat to Bradford City.

“But to manage Arsenal, that’s a great job for sure,” he added. “I think Arsene has been a great manager for Arsenal. They’re going through a sticky spell; it’s not a good Arsenal team at the moment, I must be honest.”