Here's Why Arsenal Need To Sign Lassana Diarra

Because right now, you just need someone with some balls.
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Here's Why Arsenal Need To Sign Lassana Diarra

It's no secret that Arsenal need a bloke in the middle who can put it about.

Flamini's days look numbered as years of banging glamour models have finally caught up with him, legs shot and his heart not in it: where next? Arteta's certainly not the man and the jury's still out about whether or not Jack's the right man.

Step forward ex-Arsenal, Chelsea and Real Madrid battler Lassana Diarra. Tidy, tenacious and still a threat in the centre-circle at 29, the defensive-midfielder has been lost in the wilderness of the Russian League for much too long and, according to Daily Express, Arsenal are looking to grab him back after his fall out with Lokomotiv management.

He'd be free and they just need someone to step up and grab that wimpy team by the scruff of the neck, but do you think he's the right man?


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