Here's Why Arsenal Want Colombian Ace Bacca For £12.5mil

Better than Sanogo and that's all you need to know.
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Here's Why Arsenal Want Colombian Ace Bacca For £12.5million

Despite spending a few years going "nggghhh ngggh nggghhh I'm not listening laaah laahhhh lahhh" with his fingers in his ears, Wenger might actually look like he's about to sign a striker.

After dallying and missing out on Loïc Remy, attention has been turned to Colombian Carlos Bacca - a big strong bloke with an eye for goal, according to the Metro. A bit like Yaya Sanogo only shorts and, like,

At 27, he won't be around for long but if Wenger needs goals now, he knows where to go and frankly, he's running out of options.


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