Here's What Happened To Arsenal Fan Who Confronted Wenger On The Pitch

Looks like he won't be going to any more games for a while.
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Remember when Arsenal fan Luke Bryant got so wound up with Wenger that he actually jumped onto the pitch to confront him at Southampton? Turns out the lifelong Arsenal fan won't be going to many games in the near future, as he's been hit with a three year banning order for "going onto an area adjacent to the playing area".

According to the Mail Online Bryant, 'just wanted his voice to be heard' and has felt terrible about the experience ever since. The courts hit the father of two with a three year ban, a £500 fine, plus £200 court costs. That's one expensive shrug of the shoulders. 

What do you reckon Arsenal fans? Harsh? Fair? Are you a bit jealous of him having a three year break from Arsenal? Let us know in the comments below.

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