Hilarious: Have You Seen This Liverpool Fan's Dance Tribute To Gerrard?

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There have been some incredibly funny fan tributes to various clubs and players over the years. Youtube has given a platform to fans all over the world that have the urge to express their love in song, dance and rap form.

From pre-pubescent Arsenal fans rapping awfully to an old Chinese geezer leading chants in a Manchester pub, we've seen a lot of funny stuff. However, this tops them all.

A Korean Liverpool fan has made a tribute video for Steven Gerrard in which he mimes and dances along to N-Sync's "I Want You Back". Yes, it's really that good. His moves are something to behold and his miming is flawless, not to mention the excellent subtitles that include extra bits relating N-Sync's classic to the Liverpool legend.

"I want you back! My Captain! My Gerrard!"...


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