How Can Corinthians Afford Manchester City's Carlos Tevez?

Brazilian clubs bidding £40 million is previously unheard of, but is the money all from TV and marketing or are the shady MSI one again involved?
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Six years ago, in a very suspicious transfer, Brazilian giants Corinthians signed Argentinian starlet and Manchester City captain Carlos Tévez from Boca Juniors in a 32-million-dollar deal. The goal was only one: sell him to Europe some time later so that (suspicious) mavericks MSI could spread the wealth to its soviet-style mysterious shareholders. A few years and scandals later, they all want to meet again as the paulista club offers 35 million euro to take the iconic striker from Manchester City. All would be paid within four years thanks to TV rights and marketing revenues, the club says.

After giving Corinthians the national title in 2005, when Tévez was chosen the best player in Brazil, MSI investors left and the side was relegated soon later. The paulistas regrouped, but that wasn’t enough to take the pride back to the country’s 2nd most popular club. Economist Luis Paulo Rosemberg, marketing director, had then his eureka moment. “Why not bring Ronaldo and make him club partner/player?” The Phenomenon, at the end of his career, accepted the offer. He got a lot of money for himself and a Brazilian Cup to Corinthians.

Now Rosemberg wants to take the next step: a “Tévez-tsunami” to fill the empty space left by Ronaldo’s farewell and to show the world Brazilian football is in a transformative moment. Other South Americans are already flocking to the country, but the Argentinian would be the cherry in the rich cake Brazilians are baking. Nonetheless a controversial cherry: he is still linked to MSI, whose role in the negotiation is active, but not crystal clear yet. Is it an attempt to make it up for Corinthians, whose president Andres Sanchez is a close friend of executive Kia Joorabchian? The club says no, but few people believe it. So let the roars begin.

According to Brazilian regulation, the tsunami has about 8 days to hit. Otherwise, Carlos will be left kicking his heels.

“Brazil in 2011 is very different from 2005. We are economically empowered and we will soon import players from Europe”, said Rosemberg to the Brazilian media. “We wanted to have Clarence Seedorf until a few weeks ago. As he preferred to stay at AC Milan, we looked for someone valued in Europe that would make our 30 million fans happy. No one could do that better than Tévez, since he left we want him back.”

To pay the fee, Corinthians accepts giving away up to 25% of its TV revenues in the next four years. Its future stadium, which might open the next World Cup, and the sponsors would help the club pay 10 million euros a year to the 27-year-old. That’s less than he gets at City, but it’s surely a lot for a young man who misses his friends and family in Buenos Aires slums: they are just 3 hours away from Sao Paulo.

Tévez is now with Argentina at Copa America. Asked by a TV reporter he said: “If they want me at Corinthians, I’ll go. We are strong in this attempt to return”. He already told Manchester City he wants to return to get back to where he once belonged. First option would be Boca Juniors, but his favorite club in the world is broke. Corinthians seem to have leeway to have Tévez soon – provided the striker is saying the truth about his willingness. If there is no Russian tycoon involved in the operation, hell yeah, why not? According to Brazilian regulation, the tsunami has about 8 days to hit. Otherwise, Carlos will be left kicking his heels.

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