How Chelsea And Jose Mourinho Proved A Football Legend Wrong

Will Cruyff make an about-turn?
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When Chelsea won the title a couple of weeks ago, Jose Mourinho had more reasons than just the obvious to be cheerful.

Two years ago Mourinho was written off by the Ajax, Barcelona and Holland legend Johan Cruyff. When Mourinho left Real Madrid, Cruyff explained when he thought that the Portuguese manager was no longer a particularly ‘special one’.

"Mourinho started pointing fingers at everybody around him when things went wrong and he's now even putting people up against each other within the club.

"He's fighting out personal vendettas at the expense of club icons. Things don't work like that in football, because it destroys the team's morale.

"It's one of the main reasons why his spell at Madrid was unsuccessful and I don't think Mourinho will achieve anything in the future either.”

Cruyff may or may not have been right in regards to Mourinho’s perceived lack of success at Madrid, but he’s been spectacularly off the mark with his assessment of the future.

Not only has Mourinho bagged his first title since returning to England, but he’s built the foundations of a side that look likely to continue to challenge for the highest honours in the Premier League and Europe.

Chelsea v Barcelona in the Champions League final next season, anyone?


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