Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United: Portraits of The Premier League

Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United stars of past and present have sat for Steve Orino.
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Steve Orino has photographed some of the greatest footballers to have played the game and Steve Claridge, including stars of Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United.

George Best

The first time I tried to photograph Manchester United legend Best, it was 11am in his local pub and he needed a coffee. He popped out the back door and never came back. Three days later, after his change of heart about the pictures, I was back in the pub early and set up for the reshoot. Two hours after the arranged time, there was still no hint of him and I was contemplating packing up when in he breezed, easy and charming. After the photos I could have sat for hours in his charming, honest and delightful company listening to the stories about the Manchester United glory days, but sadly I was driving.

Arsene Wenger

Expecting Arsenal Manager Wenger’s arrival, the levels of excitement in the building just kept rising, but I knew he had arrived when it suddenly went quiet. That respectful silence when people are focused. He is easier to photograph than I anticipated and I'm surprised how candid and straight talking he is. He's happy to pose, play around with the ideas and contribute. All in all, a delight, a pro, and he has a wonderful face to photograph.

Dennis Bergkamp

It took ten hours via planes, trains and automobiles to push through the December snow last year to get to the tiny secluded restaurant in eastern holland and find ex-Arsenal hero Bergkamp who was generous and patient.  Having to re plan and re route myself from London city airport amongst cancellation after another it was a pleasure to relax in the stories and opinions of such a sharp mind. I didn't make it home until the next morning despite all my best efforts but I didn't mind.

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