Huddersfield Half-Term Report: Keep James Vaughan Fit & We Will Stay Up With Ease

Huddersfield have looked like a top class Championship side with James Vaughan in their team, unfortunately they can't seem to keep him fit...
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What's going right?

Most significantly we've accrued a decent amount of points which has pushed us towards survival in this league. After we scraped up via the play offs the main aim was staying in a league we hadn't been in for 11 years and the start we've made has made that look a more realistic goal.

This has been done through a good first eleven who on their day can compete with any team in the league.

We've looked fully committed and determined to work hard during the early months, with a lack of true quality throughout the squad being compensated through the determination of the players.

Ultimately we've enjoyed playing a number of high quality teams & seeing genuinely big crowds week in week out.

What's not?

In recent weeks a lack of goals from open play & a shaky defence has been our downfall. However it is the style of football that is also causing concern.

Long ball football is all well and good if you're winning, however if you're losing it is a bit like watching a team pay homage to the Wimbledon outfit of the 80s.

There have been a number of games recently where we've looked worryingly short of ideas, rocketing the ball towards a forward with little thought of what he might do with it. With this in mind it'd be nice to see us work towards adapting the style of play towards a more dynamic passing style.

We've got some good ball playing midfielders at the club, and it'd be good to see them fully utilised.

It is worth bearing in mind though that survival is our prerogative and changing style can wait.

Got the right manager?

Absolutely. He got us up last season and although he doesn't perhaps play an attractive brand of football all the time he's done a fantastic job and deserves all the time he needs.

He's a very calm manager who protects his players and always looks towards the positives.

His record suggests that he will keep us in the league, much like he did with Blackpool & then Leeds, so without question he's the correct man to move us forward.

Star player?

James Vaughan is a cut above at this level and when fit makes us a totally different proposition. Unfortunately he's had a long history of injuries and will probably never be too far away from a spell on the sidelines.

However if he had no injury issues he wouldn't be playing for Huddersfield Town. He's quick, strong in the air, works hard & gets a fair share of goals. He gels the whole team together & we look so much better with him in the team.


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Who would you like to sell in January?

It'd be nice to clear out some deadwood who are just nowhere near the first team anymore. Anton Robinson serves little function as a footballer & I'd like us to send Simon Church and Adam Hammill back to their clubs as neither are having the impact we'd hope.

Who do you want to sign?

A few young strikers who'll play every game and alleviate our need to play a great number of loan players. I have no idea if there are any young strikers out there but our most successful goal scorers in recent times have been relative unknowns when they joined the club, namely Jordan Rhodes, so our scouts will need to work hard to discover a potential gem or two.

Best chant so far?

I've been lucky enough to watch many games from the press box this season where chanting isn't encouraged, and when I'm not there I'm usually sat in a quiet section of the ground with some old moaners. As a result I'm not really up to speed on the best chants.

Best opposition player / team you've seen this season?

Anthony Knockaert scored two of the best goals I've ever seen live & absolutely tore us to ribbons whilst playing for a very good looking Leicester team. Clearly a very exciting raw talent.

Biggest **** of the season

A few years ago I would've been able to list a great number of players & managers who'd wound me up beyond all logical reasoning but I've calmed down as a fan in recent years. However I will go for Fernando Forestieri who won a late penalty for his side with a ridiculous dive and as we threw that game away it was particularly irritating.

End of season prediction

I think we'll hang on and survive but there'll be some shaky moments ahead & unfortunately we will face a few more heavy defeats too.