I Support The Yid Ban: Spurs Fans Who Use The Term are Ignorant And Offensive

The FA have banned the use of the term 'Yid' by football fans - here a Jewish Spurs supporter explains why this announcement is well over due.
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I should point out that my views don't reflect those of all Jewish Tottenham Hotspur fans by any means, but here goes.

By singing "Jermain Defoe, he's a Yiddo" or the pointing "Yiddo" to a player when they impress we are supposedly taking the offense out of the word and using it as a badge of honour.  This, I believe, is wrong.

While I understand that chants of "Yid army" etc. are meant as a kind of call-to-arms, the word Yid is still quite an offensive one to hear.  I say this as a 40 year old who has encountered many jibes throughout my whole life, it hurt at school and hearing Yids in whatever context makes me cringe a bit now.  Most younger fans and even players don't realise this as has been highlighted with Emmanuel Frimpong and our own Danny Rose.  While Frimpong meant to insult a Spurs fan, Danny Rose used "Yid" as a compliment as the fans do to our players.

Likewise, when I see "Yid" in some form on someones Twitter name or "Yid 4 Life" on a replica shirt, I feel it shows ignorance and it disappoints me that a parent can allow their child to walk around with that on their shirt.  They have no right to use "yid" for themselves even in the context of Spurs. No Jewish person would call themself that either.

Compare this to the word "Nigger".  I'm not comfortable even typing it out.

Most people I speak to argue that this is far more offensive but many younger black Americans call each other by this word.  Many older black Americans however cringe when they hear it in the same way as Jews do to "Yid".

An Arsenal supporting friend of mine pointed me towards one of their forums a while ago which was discussing the use of "Yid" in anti Spurs songs and the general feeling was that they shouldn't be singing them, even though their songs aren't nearly as antisemitic as Chelsea songs.

Tottenham themselves have tried to clamp down on it by banning the drum which used to lead the "Yids" chant.

As I say; this is just my personal view, I imagine that younger Jewish fans may accept it more.

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