If Arsenal Can't Sign Balotelli Then Arsene Must Go

Wenger better get ready to put on his 'signing shoes' because if he wastes another transfer window in the summer his time might just be up...
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If Arsenal Can't Sign Balotelli Then Arsene Must Go

As the venerable Jan Hopkins once mentioned on this very site, if Arsenal's title hopes keep going down the swanny it'll be Gooner patriarch Arsene Wenger's lack of balls that'll be to blame.

His refusal (or inability) to bring himself to splash the cash and sign the players he really needs has been a recurring theme in the last half-decade but now the Mail are reporting that Balotelli himself has said that he wants a move to North London.

A fantastic player with all the raw materials to be 'top top', English fans might be forgiven for still thinking of him as the petulant striker butting heads with Roberto Mancini and letting off tramp-shaped like fireworks in his hotel (or whatever it was he did) but he looks to be a changed man.

While he had a quiet World Cup, he's grown up massively at the Rossoneri, he's frequently been the only bright spark in a team that's suffered so poorly from impotency that I'm surprised they haven't taken to trying to sign Pele.

In short, we'd say, he's a fantastic striker who Wenger should definitely definitely sign (two defs, so you know we're serious) and if he doesn't sign him or someone of his ilk then, well, perhaps the Arsenal board should start looking for a manager who can finally sign the right players to fill their gaps.

What's with Arsene's fear of signing players for positions? Why is he so against horses for courses? Why has he allowed his title hopes to rest on the fitness and form of a striker who, while talented, isn't world class? Was he hurt so terribly by Van Persie's betrayal that he could never bring himself to side with another?

If he's not the man to bring in the big names then they need to get someone who is or they'll be left behind...

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