If Chelsea Steal Liverpool's Best Player Rodgers Is F****d

Rodgers will be crying himself to sleep.
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If Chelsea Steal Liverpool's Best Player, Rodgers Is F****d

Oh mate. Can you imagine? The Scouse nation would be so lit they'd be running down the A1 to London, Trabbs in paw, reading to clop Chelsea scum for nicking their side's gems. Without Raheem Sterling Liverpool would be so monumentally knackered that they'd probably drop out of the League altogether, go and play handball or something.

Anyway, according to those blokes at The Express Jose Mourinho has been oiling up his wallet and poised to splash a cool forty-eight mil on the England midfielder.

He's been Liverpool's best player by a long shot and if he was to sod off back to that London, expect the wheels to well and truly fall off the Rodgers van. You might say "We'd never sell him" but how long can you ask a player to stay at a team that won't win the league? One look at Stevie G and you see a man LADEN with REGRET.


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