Infographic: Will Less Air Miles In Pre-Season Mean Chelsea Top The Table Again?

An in-depth look at the impact of pre-season travel and results...
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With the season nearly upon us and with poor old David Stride of Bashley FC being sacked for a particularly bad pre-season, bwin have done some in-depth research on how pre-season schedules can shape a season. Is a good pre-season a precursor to a good season? Does distance covered have an impact on results?

Looking at the pre-season schedules of the upper crust of the Premier League, the key findings are;

  • Chelsea's title winning 2014/15 pre-season saw them travel 4,367 miles – significantly less than their top six rivals, (Man Utd, Man City, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham) who averaged around 10,000 miles apiece.
  • This season, Chelsea have less air miles once more, perhaps indicative of another title winning pre-season.
  • However, results are more significant than air miles when it comes to influencing seasons – reassuring news for the money spinning board members!
  • Manchester United's 2013/14 pre-season in '8 points from 7 games' after travelling 23,289 miles…they then finished seventh.
  • Liverpool's seventh placed finish in 2012/13 followed a terrible pre-season in which they won '5 points from 4 games'.
  • In the same pre-season, United went unbeaten and won the league. 

Here's an infographic form courtesy of bwin to help you visualise the true impact of pre-seasons...