Insider's Video Reveals What Chelsea Fans Really Think Of Benitez

Chelsea fans have a very special song for Benitez. And it's not a "fat spanish waiter". Look inside to find out more...
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Sunday will be interesting. Chelsea are playing Manchester City at Stamford Bridge and the man who in the video above is the source of much derision and abuse from Chelsea fans will be in charge of their team. Never mind seeing Hazard up against Clichy, forget Kompany keeping Torres in his back pocket - the most interesting part of the game on Sunday will be whether or not the Shed End launches into another rendition of "You're Not Welcome Here."

Whether they choose to be hostile or not, the game will undoubtedly be uncomfortable viewing for Liverpool fans. Not only was the Spaniard a legend at Anfield, leading Liverpool to European glory, but he was a man who understood the fans - and their disdain for Chelsea. To see a manager they let go now in charge of their rivals will leave a bitter taste in the mouth.

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