Is Chelsea's Fernando Torres Even Worth £20m?

If rumours are to be believed, Torres will be allowed to leave for £20m in January. But is he worth that much, and can he ever shine again?
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I was filming one of my first ever video podcasts around the time Torres signed for Chelsea and said to Raul, "what a bloody waste of money, I see Abramovich is doing another Shevchenko". He laughed and said "Torres' form was dipping so Liverpool shouldn't be too worried, and "he is a treacherous ****** so he can do one".

Now, less than a year later twitter is gushing with a similar windforce that is hitting my skylight right now on rumours about him being sold for £20 million pounds. Is he worth it? Young Van Persie signed to Arsenal in 2004 for £2.75m (silly comparison but still) and he is the premier league's top scorer right now. Edin Dzeko cost City £27m and Demba Ba arrived at Newcastle on a free. Andy Carroll cost a fair whack and hasn't exactly been fortuitous in the scoring department, nor has Suarez and he cost £27 odd million. So money doesn't always buy goals, as we all know.

The figures don't matter a toss in reality. As a player, if you fit, that's just the ticket, if not, then you'll forever be at the wicked mercy of everyone who breathes football. Look at poor Messi when he puts in a shift for Argentina! Torres was never going to work at Chelsea, given the permanent dent Mourinho left in their footballing psychology and activity. It's not his fault, he was always going to be a square peg in a round hole. Carlo Ancelotti deserved more pity than he - everything was going alright (ish) and he had this completely inappropriate and super-priced player thrust upon him. I remember watching Torres play in the 2006 World Cup and thinking he might go to Chelsea then, that would have been the right time.

Chelsea are a merry-go-round of a club, we all know that - they're surrounded with such temporary air and need a manager with a strong identity to transport them. Villas-Boas has that in abundance - he has vision, he know exactly what he wants but the players can't do that yet; some can but that will be the 'new' Chelsea and the irony is that Torres would fit well into that scheme, but he doesn't have 5 years to wait. What's the betting Abramovich doesn't either? If only Chelsea had held out for a 'different type' of owner!

What now for Torres? He must be feeling pretty rotten, he's gone from golden to bench boy. A segment of Liverpool fans have opened their arms and compared him to Ian Rush returning after a shit time in Juventus. I'm a bit of a hippy-dippy type, neutral(ish) football-loving creature, I genuinely want to see Torres shine again. After all, he still looks 19 years old.

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