Is Man United's Deal For £44mil Goal Machine Done & Dusted?

Does £250k a week sound alright to you? Sounds alright to us.
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Is Man United's Deal For £44mil Goal Machine Done & Dusted?

Already a familiar face at Old Trafford, Radamel Falcao has now agreed personal terms with United ahead of a proposed summer deal for the striker, according to the Mail Online.

Having already paid the French club a £6m loan fee, United have now agreed that should they keep the 28 year old they'll pay a £43.5m fee on top, and pay Falcao an eye-watering-but-actually-quite-normal-in-this-day-and-age £250k a week. At this rate the tax bill coming from United's forward line could single handedly fund the NHS.

United are keen to avoid a repeat of the hullabaloo which engulfed the Tevez saga, when the Argentine failed to reach an agreement at the end of his two-year loan spell and ended up jumping ship to City. If Falcao can shine for the remainder of the season and stay injury free, you can pretty much guarantee where he'll be next season.

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