Is This Mourinho Saying Goodbye To Real Madrid Before This Weekend's Game?

Mourinho looked emotional, almost to the point of tears, as he emerged onto the Bernabéu field to confront the Real fans who have turned on him...
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Chelsea fans will be wishing this news came two weeks sooner - it has been widely reported that Real Madrid boss and Chelsea legend will be leaving the Spanish giants at the end of the season. The Real Madrid fans are said to be losing patience with "The Special One" just as Roman Abramovich after Barcelona opened up an 11 point lead over Madrid this weekend.

Mourinho emerged from the Bernabéu tunnel before this weekend's game against Atlético to offer supporters a chance to get their feelings off their chest. As he did, however, he seemed to stare around the stadium mournfully as if it was his last day inside the famous venue. Mourinho is an emotional man, and in the video we think we can spot a slither of a tear in the manager's eye. It was as if Mourinho were offering the haters one final chance to appreciate his greatness before he confirmed his exit.

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