It Would Be Suicide For Aston Villa To Sack Houllier

Despite spending shedloads on Darren Bent, things are grim at Villa, but to sack the gaffer with eight games to go would be ridiculous...
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Were we not good enough for him? Found someone younger? Better looking? Dirtier even? Either way, the Bridget Jones of Birmingham was steaming on the sofa and singing all by myself.

M.O.N, (I still cant say his name) had left us, Aston Villa, and we had moved on, as much as you can after FOUR YEARS, that’s 1,460 days you callous swine. Anyway, we had moved on to the Gallic Gerard, the man with the dodgy heart, for the team with the broken one.

This all happened at the start of the season, since then the honeymoon period, which amounted to a five knuckle shuffle at Eastlands in January, is well and truly over. Recent crisis talks, a ‘team bonding’ session at a health spar in Leicester, which if the setting wasn’t ironic enough, the ‘bonding’ amounted to two counts of disciplinary action and the team captain taking it upon himself to get heroically leathered, slate all those present, including players, coaches, manger and owner, its safe to assume that the waiters to some stick as well.

The season itself in figures; played 30, won 8, lost 13 and we have scrapped 9 draws. It’s a season riddled with poor performances and injures. Agbonlahor has been out for months and sorely missed. Ashley Young’s head is well and truly out the door with Milner firmly slammed it on his way up M60. The introduction of Darren Bent has given some teeth to the attack but an impotent midfield offers very little in way of stimulation.

Jesus wept, are you telling me that the club that I have supported for 26 years may well be regulated due to there over affection for Angry sodding Birds!

With egos and insults being tossed around like a condom at communion, the fans are looking to the manger to show strength in his convictions. Dropping Dunne for the Wolves defeat, the likelihood being he was still drunkenly ranting at himself in the mirror, was a clear indication of his intent. Also Houllier has now banned mobiles from the dressing room in a new code of conduct, what boggles the mind most being they were allowed them in the first place. Jesus wept, are you telling me that the club that I have supported for 26 years may well be regulated due to there over affection for Angry sodding Birds!

The knifes are being drawn around his neck and with a run in harder than most, the shadow over Aston Villa’s season draws long with the real and tangible threat of relegation in the air. In truth, things at Villa have been ‘dubious’ for sometime. It was genuinely understood that M.O.N left due to lack of financial backing from the board, the same board that shelled out 18 million on Bent months later. Players have left / loaned out due to ‘difficulties’ with Houllier. That being said, it’s generally understood that everyone knows Steven Ireland is a tool.

Things at Aston Villa are bad, awful in fact, made only spectrally worse by Blues’ victory in the Carling cup. The hope we had of them being stuffed out of sight by Arsenal at Wembely evaporated when Koscielny lost his marbles and the only chance of silverware for the Gunners. But is the right decision really to sack the manager with eight games to go? The answer is no, it would be the panicked and irrational decision, one that the current board wouldn’t make. The responsibility lies with the players as well as the manger in this instance, with eight games to go a complete chance of regime would prove suicidal.

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