Jay Rodriguez On Southampton's Rise, Lallana's Skills & Not Messing With Pocchetino

His stellar season continued with a goal after 13 seconds yesterday, but who is the worst dresser at the club and what Pochettino has changed...
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TG: How have things changed since Mauricio Pochettino took over as manager of Southampton?

Jay Rodriquez: I think it’s just the fact the manager has his own ideas and knows how he wants us to play football. It’s obviously working, we’re working hard and our performances are showing that it’s all going well. We’ve all really taken to the new manager.

The manager is really good. He works us hard. I think it’s a good thing because the harder we train, the easier our games will become. It’s hard work but it’s good work and I think all of the players enjoy it. Pochettino is a great motivator and really gets everyone going before a game.

TG: Do you think some supporters and critics and have surprised by Southampton's success so far this season?

JR: Maybe, but it’s not so much of a surprise to us. We’ve been working hard and we’ve got a fantastic squad of players. We’re a close-knit group and there’s a good team spirit. Everyone’s got each other’s back in this team and we’re happy. The new players settled in quickly because Southampton is welcoming and that’s a massive part of the club. That was me last year, and I can remember how easy it was to feel at home. It’s a good club to be at and it’s really enjoyable.

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