Joey Barton Does A Shteeve McClaren And Thinks He's French

Remember when Steve McClaren did his best impression of Goldmember by sporting a terrible Dutch accent? Joey Barton may have just topped it with this terrible attempt to make himself more comprehensible to French journos...
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Barton : "La Ligue 1 est ennuyeuse"by evidenceprod

QPR, Manchester City and Newcastle United fans are probably already embarrassed enough about the fact that Joey Barton used to wear their shirt. But if there were any still unmoved, this video of Barton speaking at a press conference in an incredibly cringeworthy French accent will leave you red-faced. In fact this will leave anyone watching it feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed.

It's right up there with Steve McClaren's gaffe when manager of Dutch club FC Twente. To be fair to Barton, he has since tweeted a link to the interview, accompanying it with the line "Steve McClaren eat your heart out."

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