Juve's Caceres To Man United: Moyes Failed With Pogba, Might Score With Martin

Will Moyes break his Man United duck by signing someone who his side actually need?
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Juve's Caceres To Man United: Moyes Failed With Pogba, Might Score With Martin

Might just be the Monday morning mind fog but I'm hard pressed to think of many great players besides Peters that have persevered despite being called Martin, but ex-Barcelona and current-Juventus back-up centre-back Martin Caceres just about fits the bill.

Well known to fans of FIFA, he's fast, strong, versatile and frighteningly good in the air. In fact, I'm not even sure he has ankles instead of two ruddy great springs that attach his feet to his shins. In fact I'm not even sure they're shins. Maybe they're pogo sticks. Maybe he'll rust in the rain? Anyway I'm getting off-topic...

According to Tuttosport, David Moyes is actually looking to sign someone to fix the problems he very much has by 'saying' that 'he' 'has £7million' to 'spend' on the Uruguayan defender.

Far from a world class defender, Caceres struggled at a peak-Barcelona side (mostly due to the fact that they were the best team in the world so fair dos, tbh) and has also struggled to tie down a starting place at the defender-blessed Italian side Juventus - you may have heard of them. Yes they're the same team that feature ex-Man United reserve player Paul Pogba as the centre-piece of their Scudetto run.

While reports abounded that Moyes was in Turin checking out Paul and getting carpet burns from all the begging he was doing to get him back, it might be the case that the wild-eyed drowning Scotsman was out there chasing someone who he might actually conceivably sign.

While I've outlined the fact that he struggled to fit into two of the best sides in the world, it's lucky for Man United that they're not even close to that level so the 26-year-old will fit right in.

Besides, defenders with regular hair-cuts haven't done so well for Moyes this season so why not chase a player with a stupid Musketeer 'do?

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