Kevin Volland: Why Arsenal Should Buy The New Thomas Müller

He's got gold in them-there boots, has our Kev.
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Kevin Volland: Why Arsenal Should Buy German Starlet

You know who's good? Kevin Volland, 1899 Hoffenheim striker, that's who. You know who needs a quality, mobile forward with an eye for goal and can lead the line? Arsenal, probably.

While Dat Guy Welbz has brought a much-needed impetus to the side, Volland is a striker with that natural goal-scoring nouse in the mould of Thomas Muller and you know how often that comes along? Well, quite often, actually, but Arsenal never seem to get them.

Able to play anywhere along the front line, blessed with blistering pace, and a knack for that difficult second-striker role that belies his 22-years, we reckon Wenger should dip a toe in and see what's gwarning in terms of Volland's contract.

You know, if someone can convince him to pony up a bit of dough.


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