Lamela Comes Alive! Where Can His Monstrous Talent Lead Spurs?

That is if AVB starts him against Newcastle...
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Be afraid Premier League defences, be very afraid, for Erik Lamela has come alive! Like Frankenstein's monster he twitched and convulsed on the slab in last night's first half before marauding off after the break to petrify the Sheriff back line with a tidy goal and an assist for Spurs.

'Everywhere you go, always take Lamela with you' sang the admirable 1882 group to the tune of Crowded House's 'Always Take The Weather With You', a choice of melody as brilliant as it is bizarre, and while Andre Villas Boas might not quite go that far yet - he probably won't start him on Sunday against Newcastle - the young Argentinian has certainly given his boss something to think about.

The Yid Army (yep, the cry still rang White Hart Lane as loudly and joyously as ever) has been waiting all season for its team's fantasistas to turn all that mind-numbing possession (75 per cent last night) into actual goal-scoring chances, but apart from for a virtuoso performance by Christian Eriksen against Norwich it hasn't really happened until now.


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Last night's contribution from the young Dane was again fitful but Lamela was a stone wall man of the match and the added joy of witnessing Jermain Defoe breaking Martin Chivers' European scoring record ensured that the faithful left fulfilled. But, it could have been very different. Despite Lamela's flourishes, for the first hour the game threatened to deliver more of the same as Spurs kept the ball without really looking like they'd stick it in the net.

Newcastle United, who soaked it up against Chelsea last weekend before hitting them with a couple of late sucker punches, will doubtless arrive with a similar game plan on Sunday. The question is, in a home game against prosaic opposition, will AVB stick with the industrious combination of Sandro, Paulinho and Holtby flanked by Lennon and Townsend? Or will he be tempted to introduce some of the more subtle qualities that Dembele, Eriksen, Sigurdsson and Lamela can provide? Certainly you would hope he might play at least one or two of the cleverer types even if their poor form has prevented him from doing so recently. If he does stick with the starting eleven from last week's game, Lamela's new found perkiness should at least ensure a foray from the bench at some point and he might just set about dismembering a tiring Toon back line like he did Sheriff's. After that, who knows where his monstrous talent might lead Spurs?

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