Leeds: Cellino Knows He's F****d Up & Hock's A Dead Man Walking

Cellino's made an epic balls up and needs to fix it before it's too late...
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Leeds: Cellino Knows He's F****d Up & Hock's A Dead Man Walking

The mangiallenatori chewed up and spat out his first manager at Leeds United early doors and is masticating furiously with his second, unbelievable scenes at Elland Road.

McDermott never had a chance having been appointed by the witless, clueless GFH crew and Hock getting the job based on anonymous tip off after a lengthy meeting in a hotel during which you can bet your bottom dollar Massimo did the vast majority of the talking had as much chance of success as a Doncaster virgin remaining intact on a Magaluf weekender.

McDermott was somebody else’s mistake, Hock is 100% self inflicted.

Cellino has done so much right at Leeds, from buying the club out of the evil clutches of the sand jockeys to bringing in a dozen new recruits, a good looking mix of experience and potential to giving our own talented youth a chance.

Appointing Hock and Junior was a brain fart of hurricane proportions, akin to appointing me after a successful spell with my lad's under 14s 5-a-side.

Come to think it my scintillating blend of defensive solidity, imaginative midfield and predatory strikers playing a high tempo pass and move with explosive finishing would not only be more attractive to watch but also deliver success and results.

The current squad plus boy wonder aka Cellino’s lovechild Adryan & Sloth who despite his name is a promising Danish midfielder and a couple more with an injection of crucial width and pace roared on by the army of fans, even with meddling micro manager Massimo minus the deadwood is a massive opportunity for a proper coach.

After Saturday’s capitulation at Watford, the world held it’s breath as the Sheriff’s finger twitched over the trigger waiting for the bullet to be fired.


Leeds: Who'd Take Hock's Place?

There is no doubt Cellino is hurting and the fact that his experimental pluck from obscurity based on no more than a tip off and one meeting allied to a scattergun recruitment policy has delivered a set of unacceptable results. He is absolutely committed to making Leeds United a success and seeing them once again eat at the top table.

The Cellino regime expenditure so far is huge in our recent history, including an inflated purchase price, the full package has since been renegotiated, payment of a lot of existing and historical debt, court cases and an estimated £10 million in new contracts plus transfer and loan fees as well as contract pay offs.

The playing squad turnaround has been massive, 17 out, a dozen in with more to come and an expected splurge of activity including contract terminations before the transfer window closes at the end of the month.

In an epic outpouring of pure, unadulterated, honest emotion featuring the biggest climb down since the latest descent of Everest, Massimo said he had decided to sack Hockaday on Saturday and was ready to do so until he spoke to him on Sunday evening. "If I fire the coach I should fire myself because I haven't signed enough good players. How can that be his fault."

Cellino says he'll wait until the squad is finished before judging Hockaday. "Maybe he's not a good coach but I can't say yet.”

The cynics or perhaps realists or maybe just plain speculators all think that the stay of execution for Hock is merely waiting for Cellino’s next choice to become available, the rumoured names are already flying around.

Hock is a dead man walking, the already anti fans have had enough and are in a state of shock that he wasn’t a goner on Saturday, once a coach loses the fans, even the ones who were prepared to give him a chance, he has more chance platting fog than winning them round.

Knowing the president and his crazy ways, don’t be surprised if, in a bid to avoid any more controversy, he appoint Malky Mackay with Big Ron Atkinson as director of football.

Cellino is certain to be at the eye of a storm of frantic activity this week in a huge effort to finalise the squad, he hates being embarrassed, his ego will not contemplate failure and he bought Leeds United, a football institution, to succeed.

He has made one balls up of epic proportions, he must sort it out sooner rather than later, finish the squad but most important of all put them under the control of a proper coach and stop feeding a gourmet menu of players to a medieval peasant.

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