Leeds Reject West Ham's Approach For Ross McCormack, Obviously

BSA wants Leeds' best player to leave them and to join an ailing West Ham team who couldn't even score in a Mexican crackhouse right now...
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West Ham Want Leeds Hitman Ross McCormack, The Feeling Probably Isn't Mutual

Searching for a goalscorer like a pig sniffing out truffles, 'Big' Sam is looking to rob Leeds Leeds Leeds of their top goalscorer, Ross McCormack, according to SkySports.

The Championship's top goalscorer with 16 goals so far, McCormack is currently at the peak of his powers as he goes about his daily business of knocking in the kind of goals Modibo Maïga would give his left testicle for.

Might be a bit of wishful thinking from Sam, though. Hard to believe the most in-form striker in the country's second-highest division would up sticks, trundle down the M1 in his Porsche Cayman (that's definitely what he drives, we can just tell) and post up at a team who look like they're probably on their way down anyway. Maybe money will be the factor but walking into such a toxic team atmosphere probably won't help in the long run.

Anyway, the Whites are probably about as likely to sell him this window as they are to change their name Very North-East Manchester United.

It would make no sense but stranger things have happened in football. Remember when Vincenzo Montella signed for Fulham? That was weird.

UPDATE: Nope, not happening. Unless Leeds supremo Salah Nooruddin is just trying to squeeze an extra few quid out of the Hammers (which obviously NO chairman would EVER do) then it's probably not gonna happen. Why would Leeds sell their best player right now?

It'd be interesting to see if McCormack's game is affected by the bid, however, what with West Ham getting all grumpy about Fulham doing pretty much the same thing with Ravel Morrison...


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