Leeds United: Enough Is Enough. We Deserve Better

We are officially over drifting in a sea of uncertainty with a sickening feeling of imminent woe in the pit of our collective stomachs.
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How many kicks in the balls can Leeds fans take? When Massimo Cellino took over he promised to get us back to where we belong , he “bought the biggest club in England, you understand? That is 12 years in the s**t."

After the first year of Cellino’s tenure teetering on the edge of madness from the stupidity of Thorp Arch being closed in the summer, the lunatic appointment of Hock, a shambolic pre season playing pub teams and ourselves, like tops v skins in the schoolyard.

We watched agog as he then employed the ill equipped Darko and a panic driven, short sighted promotion of the well intentioned but inexperienced Redfearn, then pulled the rug quickly from underneath him amongst accusations of immaturity after the irrevocable breakdown of what appeared to a marvellous, loving relationship.

Too much of the nuttiness was broadcast in the public eye. Lowlights included the Massimochef episode,  the crazed “touching the breast” presser and careering around in Terry George’s Smart, like a camp Batman & Robin.

We watched open mouthed as Massimo hosted the daftest press conference in history to appoint the fella who we all thought would sort it all out 

Adam Pearson came in with a great reputation and the mad, bad Leeds United suddenly looked like a proper football club. Off field management infrastructure was put in place, new quality players were brought in and a proper manager and staff were appointed. We enjoyed four months of calm, tinged with real optimism for the future, the feeling was strange but very good.

The season started solidly and after Derby away we dared to dream it was going in the right direction, but a couple of dire home performances brought us crashing back to earth and at the Ipswich game a rumour that Pearson had left turned into burning reality.

The quoted reasons of personal & business reasons and the “leaving on good terms” quotes leave us all wondering why, because none of it makes sense. The conspiracy theories are out in force but we fans are none the wiser.

The word is that Cellino won’t replace Pearson but intends to double his workload, cue collective face palms from Leeds fans all around the world, the madness of Massimo continues, who knows what’s next. Oh, apart from a bunch of upcoming court cases….