Leeds United Have Produced The Weirdest Xmas Present You’ll See This Year

More proof that Leeds are the strangest club in the land.
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Traditionally a football club calendar consists of an action shot of a different player accompanying each month. Perhaps in December there'll be a staged-shot featuring a couple of players wearing Santa hats, but that's generally about the limit of the creativity  on show.

Yet in keeping with the madcap way in which the club is run, Leeds United have decided to rip up the rule book and do things differently from everyone else.

The club's official YouTube channel has released a video showing a behind the scenes look at the shooting of their 2016 calendar. It looks absolutely deranged.

Players are seen being photographed while wearing nothing but rubber waders while clutching a fishing rod, while most controversially, Marco Silvestri is pictured lounging around in a hammock with just his pants protecting his modesty. Watch the video below.

Leeds fans were quick to take to Twitter to complain about the club's latest strange decision. 


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