Leeds United Need To Adopt A Swarmation, Not A Formation.

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  • LUFC’s Rosler must use Redfearn’s kids across the whole midfield.
  •  Swarmation formation is the way forward.
  • Will Rosler lose is job like McAllister did at MK Dons?

The biggest mistake and the greatest break in late 20 century football for Leeds United and Manchester United was the sale of Eric Cantona by the whites to the reds. Howard Wilkinson failed to see what he had in Cantona and discarded him because he wouldn’t fit into his system. Uwe Rosler’s making the same mistake now.

At Old Trafford Ferguson used Cantona as a totem pole for the younger generation of players – who Leeds own youngsters had recently beaten in the FA Youth Cup – to admire and move around and excel. The rest is history, real rotten history.

This time it’s the latest crop of LUFC youth players who should have the team crafted around them. Not one moody Frenchman but five vibrant young lads. At the moment last eyars formation has been diluted and disrupted by the introduction of a fairly good winger (which we needed) Dallas, and a physically strong defensive midfielder in Adeyeme (which we also needed). What we need most of all though is build on what we had and keep the boys who did so well together last year alongside each other on the pitch. They scored and created gooals and with the two new boy we’re not doing too much of that.

If you’ll come with me to meet Mother Nature for a minute I’ll explain what the future should hold. What Leeds United should be doing is playing a Swarm Formation – or Swarmation. Think kids in the playground not numbered formations. When put together in the line-up these home grown kids and Murphy cluster like bees – it’s almost like that swarm of kids you see in a playground with a ball. And it’s really productive. They move across the pitch as a unit of four rather than a flat line. Nature is what we should be learning from not mathematics. This was how Leeds ended the game against Ipswich. With all of Redfearn’s Kids pushing and probing and trying to work their way into the opposition goal. Before that we’d been stale and defensive.

One minute Byram would be putting in a tackle on the left of midfield the next he was charging into the Ipswich area on the right wing. Cook was breaking up play thenstabbing good short balls forward. Taylor began to charge down the left wing prompting the press the nexct day to say he was on his way to Man United to replace an injured Luke Shaw.

I believe all these kids will play a higher level than halfway up/down the Championship. Some may make the Premiership this January if the papers are right.

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So right now Rosler or Paul Hart or wheoever needs to use these kids as much as he can before the transfer window. is managing us come the end of September. If that means rotating Dallas and Antennucci off Wood then so be it, both can score and having a livelier midfield behind them will increase the chances.

At Brentford Dallas was used mainly as an impact sub. Antenucci seems to have most effect with the same role.

The line up should be a strong four in defence then a rotating box of midfielders with the freedom to roam at will. Fuck structure, just give them a ball and tell them to get on with it.

Adeyemi will give us strength when we need to close a game down and in Antenucci or Dallas we’ll have subs that can change a game. For most of last season our young midfielders were a delight to watch. Rosler’s making an error not letting them bloom together. Next game is MK Dons, the final resting place of Gary McAllisters time in charge, lets hope Rosler realises you can win things with kids and we don’t wake up Sunday morning to find another draw or loss, another manager gone and another headline linking our stars with Premiership clubs. 

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