Leeds United: Too Many Mongrels, Not Enough Pedigree

It won't matter how many quality players we sign, it'll be like giving caviar to a pig...
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Leeds United: Too Many Mongrels, Not Enough Pedigree

Sheriff Massimo's back in town this week, first job: fire deputy dogs***, then buy the defenders, playmaker, pace and strikers we need to survive in the dog eat dog world of the Championship.

Right now we have too many mongrels in the pack and need to add some pedigree.

Listen to me Massimo, we need two hairy-a***d centrebacks, some serious pace, a talented playmaker and a prolific striker, minimum - now, my friend - and a new coach because it’s no good giving caviar to pigs.

It is well document that I support Cellino but Hock and Junior are a disaster, deluded, out of their depth, clueless never-will-be’s. The decision to appoint them is baffling, can only be explained if Cellino's advisers included Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder and Paul the octopus.

Hock pledged to play his strongest side against Chesterfield in a friendly yesterday and picked Morison, a centre forward who hasn’t performed since he left Millwall years ago as a left winger and sat two of our most technically accomplished players, Bianchi & Berardi on the bench.


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Did he pick his “best 11” based on salary rather than ability, or was it a poorly disguised letter of resignation?

In the director's box at Chesterfield a short funny looking bloke with a west country accent wearing a Millwall blazer was p***ing himself and chuckling "best team you say”.

Nearly 2,000 Leeds fans made the shortish journey to watch the game and were treated to a debacle which featured, on top of the ridiculous, narrow formation, a running battle between Pearce & Wooton, comedy communication with the bench and Warnock over an injury and moaning by Morison that he was unhappy being played out wide.

The most concerning of all, in fact unforgivable facts: the players didn’t look comfortable in the formation and many of them showed a distinct and abject lack of confidence. Think about that, the players lacked confidence in a system they have been working on all pre-season, marvellous.

For pure giggles it’s worth watching Hock’s post match interviews, on Saturday he said we played well & dominated, same as when we lost to Mansfield, he also basically said we can’t defend and we can’t score from open play, he didn’t state the blindingly obvious that we haven't covered defending yet but have spent a long time concentrating on arguing with each other, playing out of position and sucking out confidence.

In order to to compete we need those promised additions and fast, to form a first team along these lines.


Berardi new hard case Central Defender new hard case Central Defender Taylor/Warnock

Byram Bianchi New Playmaker New Rapid Wide Man

Smith/New Striker New Striker

Pearce, Murphy, Mowatt, Cook and Taylor make up the rest of the good enough group.

Salerno’s recruits look promising so far, all come with strong reputations, rated by respected Italian journalists & watchers, but Doukara is probably the biggest risk.

The Viviani transfer saga rumbles on, tomorrow appears to be decision day, he has a good reputation and is highly rated, Cellino is a canny old bugger [buggero in Italian], he said it was dead on Friday, was that his final ploy to get the deal done under his terms?

The fact that the deal wasn’t completed and Cellino was in Miami on holiday are not entirely unrelated, our club is run by one man and one man only, no President, no party, watch it all happen, Sheriff Massimo will be back in town, guns blazing, expect massive action over the course of the next week…

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