Leeds United: Why Cellino Must Dump Hock & Junior NOW

I believe in Cellino but in Hock, he's picked poorly...
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Leeds United - Hockaday & Junior OUT: so far out of their depth they need a diving bell...

I support the Cellino revolution: I'm delighted he bought us, impressed by his energy, ambition and passion, agree with the vast majority of his decisions so far and believe he will be a great success at Leeds United, he has adopted the club and the city and believes it is his job to deliver us back where we belong.

Apart from one.

If a picture tells a thousand words, the photo in the Yorkshire Evening Post featuring Hock & Junior on the touchline at Mansfield on Tuesday night told us everything we need to know and confirmed what most fans thought when Cellino made the most bizarre decision of his time at the club and appointed them. Look at the expressions on their faces, they have no idea what they are doing, there eyes have gone, they realise that they are in way out of their depth.

Hock, eyes distant and empty, wringing his hands while Junior leans awkwardly toward him with an expression with more vacancies than the Shard.

Hock’s post match comments brought a whole new meaning to laughable, we played well, no we didn’t David, it was an embarrassment , so much so that young Viviani who was in attendance before signing from Roma is having second thoughts.

Hock’s subsequent interview where he categorically states that the team that starts against Chesterfield on Saturday will run out at the Den against those nice Millwall fellas on the first day of the season, good work Dave, give them a heads up in advance.

Hock is like a junior employee who flukes his way to a senior position in a large corporate and spouts bullshit to try and keep his head above water, is he the David Brent of football?

This is not an over reaction to a loss in a meaningless pre season friendly, that fiasco was merely a symptom of the coaching malaise.


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Hock never had a top job in the Football League, he has a reputation as a coach, not a head coach in Cellino’s definition of the role, whoever recommended him should expect delivery of the head of the winner of the 3:40 at York delivered pronto.

Hock has little if any experience experience with foreign players, let alone a team comprising mainly foreigners and will not have coached a player with the undoubted class of Viviani.

Massimo, let me tell you something: Hock & Junior is a massive mistake, an aberration, a balls-up of gargantuan proportions.

Someone sarcastically called Hock the "Yorkshire Mourinho", he is more like “The Special Needs One”.

The coach and his assistant are merely a cog in the Cellino machine that will succeed in delivering the football club back to the promised land and £100M a year turnover of the Premiership.

Cellino is crazy enough to sack Hock even if we have 12 points after the first 6 games if he doesn’t like something.

They need to replaced, sooner rather than later, with a credible coach that we can all get behind without gritting our teeth, someone with a bit of charisma, not as much as Massimo of course, but some.

Cellino has done lots of great things for the club and made many brilliant decisions, the best of which from a playing perspective is the appointment on a two year contract of Nicola Salerno as Sporting Director.

Salerno has already brought in Silvestri, Bianchi, Barardi, Doukara and Viviani, all technically adept, young hungry players, better than what was here. Cellino pledges there are another handful to come, we can all see the desperate need for a hard case centre half or two, rapid winger and prolific striker to add to the mix, and some better British, Championship hardened players so the squad has a few leaders to help the European lads along.

Byram, Murphy, Smith, Cook and Walters look ready to step up to the challenge of the brave new world in Cellinoland.

Kenny, Norris, Morison, Hunt, Austin, Tonge, Thompson and Poleon are a million miles short of what we need.

Cellino, with his team of trusted advisors is working 24/7 to fix the problems caused by 12 years of neglect while building a solid foundation for a successful future, he wants Leeds to own their own coach, he will buy one for the road journeys, he needs to invest in a proper head coach for the dugout and training ground, one who can mould the carefully assembled parts into a winning machine.

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