Leeds: We Need To Dump Hock But Who'd Take His Place?

Trouble is: who'd want to work for such a mercurial boss?
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Leeds: We Need To Dump Hock But Who'd Take His Place?

In a private box high in the East Stand at Elland Road after the match/debacle last night, Massimo Cellino and his inner sanctum very likely had a discussion, actually it was probably more of a presidential diatribe.

Cellino bought Leeds United to succeed, to take the club back to the promised land of the Premiership where it belongs, he will not abide failure and craves success like an alchy does booze.

Massimo has a huge desire, passion and ego, he asked Sky not to show the Boro game because his creation wan’t ready, he wants to show the world his creation, in all it’s glory, shiny and new and attractive.

If he reacts again in a similar way to post Millwall, expect the squad to grow fast with urgent need for trimming than the end of Movember.

He said at the beginning of the season that he would have a good idea of what’s what after three games, well here we are and we’ve seen crap, lucky & crap and in the first and third games the lack of fight was frightening.

What is the point of buying all these new, shiny, potentially exciting, technically adept players then sending out a team containing too many of the failed journeymen bought by those football dinosaurs Warnock & McDermott?

More crucially why feed caviar to a pig by giving Hock & Junior access to this feast of talent? Our leader made a mistake, he has to admit it now, get rid and move on.

I wavered a little, even considered that Hock might be a masterstroke appointment, I admit the lads are fitter than in previous seasons but right now realise that I was right first time and for all Hock’s hackneyed bulls*** about "putting a shift in", teams will not get an easy ride against us, we will work harder than anyone else.

Hock and Junior are out of their depth, they must go now - it's time to crack on.


Leeds: Cellino May Be An Evil Genius, But He's OUR Evil Genius

It’s simply not true, we rolled over far too easy against both Millwall & Brighton and beat Boro with a mixture of luck and sheer passion, driven by the crowd, sentiment and the bare chested Billy Sharp.

The big question is: which coach in his right mind will come to Leeds and work for our mercurial master? We fans demand a credible manager to get out of this division, we demand good football but most of all we demand that the lads who pull on the shirt play with pride in it.

The attempted midfield diamond last night had one major flaw, it left a gaping hole the likes of which hadn’t been seen since Jordan last gave birth, right down the middle of the pitch.

The turgid threesome of Austin, who can’t pass, Tonge, who can but has the engine of a 1963 Morris Minor and the legs of a 63 year old Tiller girl and Murphy who is the biggest waste of £1M since that chav lottery winner went on a spending spree, do not have the mobility, nous or apparent interest in playing what is now known as a false diamond, it certainly should not be for ever!

Paddy Kenny left this week by mutual consent, in other words, Massimo made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Mr. President needs to do the same with the rest of the contracted carthorses, Hunt, Morison, Norris, Warnock [I know, he was man of the match on Saturday, but back to disinterested dogs hit last night], Wootton & White [as soon as he is fit].

Assuming the Antonucci & Adryan deals are consummated successfully, the squad looks the strongest for years with the ability to play different formations, I quite fancy a new variation which would get our three best defenders on the pitch at the same time and hopefully stop the easy concessions.


Defensive solidity, width & pace offered by wing backs. Press hard, pass & move, it can’t be that difficult for a squad brimming with talent.

Just get a proper coach in Massimo, please, now, for us but most importantly for you.

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