Leon Knight: Football's Oxygen Thieving Nobody

Leon Knight's slut-shaming venture thankfully fell flat on its face last night. We wish he would too.


"Who is Leon Knight" you might be asking yourself, let me fill you in...

Leon is a footballer... well he was until he got released by Glentoran in June, He's played for no less than 15 clubs throughout his career, which after Wednesday night's escapades on Twitter is no surprise.

You see, he has no morals, no heart, no feelings of remorse in his body. He's one of these men who thinks the world owes him a debt, he thinks he's special and probably walks around in a 'gangster-esque' fashion, swag I think they call it.

To put it plain and clear, the man is a total disgrace. Actually 'man' is too much of a good word for him, real men wouldn't even think about doing what he did/tried to do. No Leon, you're more of an odious little cretin who has to act the big man and try to shame others just to make your pathetic life more bearable.

Poor Leon obviously got dumped and was so pissed off he decided to create #SAP which stands for "sl*g alert pictures".

Have you ever heard anything so cringeworthy and embarrassing?

Anyway, he was egging on guys to email him intimate pictures of their ex girlfriends so he could name and shame them.

Leon’s account has also been suspended and I’ve seen some people say that he’s been arrested, I hope it’s true, it’s the least this devious little a**ehole deserves.

All day he was acting the big man, telling women he had pictures of them which he was going to post online, but if they messaged him he might leave them off his hit list...such a kind gent is our Leon.

8pm arrived and the first couple of pictures were tweeted, thankfully though twitter deleted them, and rightly so.

Leon's account has also been suspended and I've seen some people say that he's been arrested, I hope it's true, it's the least this devious little a**ehole deserves.

I hope one day he apologises to the women whose pictures he posted, because in a day and age where footballers are seen as role models and heroes it's the least he can do. Although lets be honest, he only just about scraped the bottom of the barell in footballing terms didn't he? What a relief that is for our beautiful game. It doesn't need oxygen thieving nobodies like this representing it.


A quick message to the morons who sent pictures to this idiot. You're a disgrace, these women sent private images to you in good faith, they obviously trusted you and assumed they were for your eyes only. Where the f**k do you get off sharing them with some lame a*s excuse of a footballer? You're just as bad as he is. Childish little boys.


Twitter Trolls never prevail, remember that.

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