Listen To This Podcast: Discrimination In Football Special

Want to know more about what is being done about discrimination in football and who is trying to tackle it? Of course you do, so listen to this fantastic podcast.
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Rule The Roost is usually just a Tottenham Hotspur podcast from the SpursStatMan team featuring weekly oppositions guests, mixing inane and idle chatter with odd flecks of football analysis. This week, however, they branched out, and created a special episode aimed at fans of any club.

Here is the episode synopsis:

Discrimination in football is an ugly truth. Whether or not your choose to accept or acknowledge its existence, it’s there, and it needs to be tackled head on. Inclusion in football, no matter the club, is something we’re extremely passionate about, and rather than spend time discussing the matter between ourselves, we decided to discuss the matter openly with some special guests.

Branching out and using a professional recording studio to conduct the interviews, we spoke to the following people:

Troy Townsend - Education and Development Manager for KickItOut

Louise Englefield - Director of Football Vs Homophobia

Anwar Uddin - Diversity and Campaigns Manager for the Football Supporters’ Federation

Simon Kuper - Financial Times Journalist and author

We asked no leading questions, and we advised our guests of no prior agendas. What you hear is exactly what we asked, unedited and honest. Thank you to each and every one of them for taking part. Together, we can make football a more welcome environment for everybody involved.

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