Bring On Your Perceptions Of Liverpool & We Will Dismantle Them One By One

This was supposed to be a severe test for us but we passed with flying colours. Bring on Chelsea and City...
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Who saw that one coming then?

Liverpool can't beat any of the top six teams.

Liverpool can't win on the road.

Liverpool can't keep clean sheets.

Liverpool are only half a team without Gerrard and Sturridge; they lack the depth to mount a convincing assault on the top four.

Bring on your preconceptions and, one by one, we will dismantle them in front of you, mostly (but not exclusively) through the efforts on one tricky little Uruguayan who will spend the summer dismantling the latest delusions of the England faithful.

If there is a more entertaining way to outrage the public decency of the media and opposition fans than making Luis Suarez captain of Liverpool in the absence of Steven Gerrard then I am yet to encounter it but perhaps this next sentence may go some way towards it;

Luis Suarez is currently the single finest player in world football.

Argue if you wish (and supporters of any team other than Liverpool undoubtedly will) but unless somebody can demonstrate to me that either Messi or Ronaldo is currently having as crucial an impact on their club's season as Luis Suarez is on Liverpool's then I will stand by my claim.

Involved in every match-turning moment yet again, scoring two goals and creating the remaining three, Suarez was impeccable. Five games missed at the beginning of the season but already the Premier League's leading scorer, as Luis burst into Spurs' box and shuffled the ball from right foot to left before caressing a delicate shot into the net the statistic said everything; Luis Suarez had now scored more this season than the day's opponents as an entire playing squad.

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And you could argue that he wasn't even our best player on the day.

Tentative early exchanges were transformed by the latest chapter in the rebirth of Raheem Sterling. Sterling spent the afternoon showing a strength, passion and sense of purpose that many of us thought had departed his game for good already; a salient lesson in potential wasted we assumed. Here, the trickery was back, the desire to beat a man, the skill, direction and work rate; easily his best game in a red shirt.

Exactly the same sentiment can be applied to Jordan Henderson; Henderson's effort and athleticism is a given (unless you're a bitter Glaswegian faking worry about his gait), in the absence of Gerrard he took on responsibility and creativity as well. His first league goal of the season was suitable reward.

Remember, White Hart Lane was supposed to be a major test of Liverpool's abilities, supposed to be the first step in the oncoming December rot, the first of three difficult away games that could easily see early season promise fade as we were expected to plummet to mid-table. A Spurs win would see Villa-Boas' men leapfrog us in the table leaving us marooned in sixth. Unfortunately Spurs are currently an exceptionally poor team, no shape, no purpose, no passion; their last few seasons are beginning to take on the sheen of glory years as they slip back to the mid-table mediocrity that they have comfortably occupied for the last fifty years.

Liverpool, in contrast, approached perfection in London; fluid, inventive in possession, pressing effectively when not with the ball, easily the single most impressive performance of Brendan Rodgers' reign. Quite simply we have travelled to a Spurs side that were supposedly closer to the finished article than ourselves even before investing the ridiculous money that Real handed over for Bale and we have scored five but it could have been eight.

It could be argued that the result may have been somewhat different if Paulinho hadn't decided to place his studs firmly into Suarez' chest and limit his team to ten men for the final third of the match - it could have been, we may have been limited to a three nil win against a Spurs side who had exactly no shots whatsoever on target. As it was, it was five-nil and that five-nil score line was unbelievably flattering.

To Tottenham.

Second in the league again, now only 2 points behind Arsenal (ah, Hull, the great if only...) Suddenly Chelsea looks achievable and City far less terrifying a prospect than it did at lunchtime.

December could well be magic again.

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