Liverpool: Do Not Let This F***ing Title Slip Now

After one of the biggest win of many fan's lives, I just pray they listen to Gerrard's call...
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Liverpool: Do Not Let This F***ing Title Slip Now

What are the Reds doing to us? Not many would have expected the kind of campaign Liverpool are experiencing in Brendan Rodgers’ second season in charge.

For many young Liverpool fans, last Sunday’s game against Manchester City was the biggest and most important league game of our lives. We’ve experienced all those great European nights at Anfield: Barcelona, Roma, Olympiakos, Juventus, Chelsea and Real Madrid, to name a few, but nothing this important in the league.

The build up before the match was made so special by the welcoming of the players on the team coach again, after the success of the Sunderland pre-match plans and Anfield Road was absolutely rammed. The fan group Spion Kop 1906deserve a huge mention for making this possible. All the boss flags on the Kop and the pre-match coach welcomings are thanks to them. The atmosphere whilst waiting for the coach was unbelievable, but you could still sense a touch of anxiety amongst the fans, basically, everyone was flappin’.

The ground was quickly filling; Anfield was bouncing much earlier than usual, like nothing I had ever seen before. There was a massive roar (identical to the end of the Spurs game) just as the team were warming up in the corner by The Kop, but not even the importance of this match could make anyone forget the anniversary of the tragedy of what happened at Hillsborough. Where 96 of our fans went to watch Liverpool in a FA Cup semi final in Sheffield and didn’t return.  Something that should never have happened. The families of those who have lost loved ones have been fighting for justice for 25 years, and it seems that justice is finally coming.

The minutes silence concluded with a huge roar from both sets of fans, urging on their teams. City had brought a large following, but they could hardly be heard and the atmosphere literally gave you goosebumps.


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The match seemed to be going too good to be true, two up at half time, Toure - arguably City’s most important player - off with an injury. To be honest, at half-time I was thinking, "How many are we going to get here?" I had obviously got a BIT too cocky. City came out for the second half, and made a bit of a show of us for 20 minutes, the next goal was a killer, and they got it, quickly followed by a second. As City’s equaliser squeezed in at the near post, there was a pin drop silence around Anfield, as the away end went completely insane.

Two-all after 62 minutes, what the f*** had happened? City continued to not give us a kick; it was like they had a few more players than us for about 10 or 15 minutes.  Then all of a sudden came Coutinho’s winner, unbelievable #SCENES. The kind of goal where you don’t mind getting your trainers wrecked, well (nothing that Jason Markk stuff can’t fix (get on it, it’s great)). It seemed like everyone was celebrating for an age, I just looked on at the Kop; it looked like an ocean in the distance, rippling in the wind. Best. Feeling. Ever.

Coming out the ground was great, not a miserable get in sight. I think most were in a state of shock.

What a game, but as Gerrard said to the team post match; “THIS DOES NOT F***ING SLIP NOW”. Norwich on Sunday is our next task, I can’t wait. This has been the most enjoyable year being a Red for a long time; let’s hope it continues for a while.

We are Liverpool.

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