Liverpool: Here's Proof Sturridge Is Twice As Good As Suarez

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Liverpool: Stats Show Sturridge Is Twice As Good As Suarez

We all miss Suarez.

Yes he was a nasty racist who bit people and lied and manipulated and denied all blame for his awful (and often blindingly obviously) crimes, but he was a right good footballer weren't he? Especially against Norwich. And at the end of the day, isn't that the main thing? Well no. But also yes.

He was a player of supreme skill and, under Rodgers, grew to be world class. Of that there was no doubt. But now he's gone. Gone like they all do in the end.

Luckily you've got Daniel "Wriggly Arms" Sturridge to keep you warm and this cracking stat from those Opta lads should be sufficiently cockle-warming.

Here's to hoping he can help you win the lot, give or take a few slips.


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