Liverpool: Let SAS Outdo Each Other And Go Hell For Leather To Destroy Arsenal

Forget caution vs. Arsenal, unleash SAS and Liverpool will be top of the table come Saturday evening...
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Liverpool: Let SAS Outdo Each Other And Go Hell For Leather To Destroy Arsenal

And if anybody had told you that the first weekend of November would see a top of the table clash between Arsenal and Liverpool with Liverpool having the opportunity to take pole position - again?

No, nor me.

But given that we're in this wonderfully unlikely position - what do we want to see from Liverpool this weekend?

Well. Given that Arsenal are (or were until Jose resumed his Wenger dominance stance) currently looking pretty damn lethal, playing beautiful football and threatening with every touch of the ball whilst LFC are still susceptible to falling asleep at the back and tend toward a soft centre in midfield then only an idiot would want a cavalier approach to the game, an all out attacking, hell for leather, sod it don't worry about Arsenal we'll just score more than they do attitude.

What I'd like to see is a cavalier approach.

An all out attacking, hell for leather, sod it, don't worry about Arsenal we'll just score more than they do attitude.

I'm sick of all this catering for the opposition, rotating your team in the face of your understanding of your opponent's threats; I want a team talk that consists of "West Brom, yeah? Do that again, okay?"


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I want madness and flair. I want no changes to last weekend's teamsheet. I want three at the back with Kolo taking the 'NONE SHALL PASS!!!!' role. I want Martin Skrtel's settings stuck on 'kill' (but his arms tied to his sides so he avoids his tendency to arm wrestle at corners) and I want Sakho doing... Well, whatever the hell he wants, it looks like that may be his career intention anyway so let's enjoy the ride.

Brendan spoke last season to supporters groups about his tactics. He talked about the three man midfield, talked about the 'one and the two' as opposed to 'the two and the one' e.g. one holder and two moving forward. The safe bet against Arsenal would be Lucas and Gerrard sitting with Henderson behind the two front men. Sod that. Lucas in front of the defence, Gerrard and Hendo running wild as the fancy takes them, Ozil looking vaguely confused as he spends 90 minutes with Lucas Leiva buzzing around him, stealing his ball.

The wing backs? Just keep going lads.

The forwards? We've got the best forward line in the league. Let Suarez and Sturridge spend the entire game attempting to outdo each other as they did last weekend, let's give them special prizes for quantity of goals scored, sheer beauty of the finish, etc.

There's an argument that Liverpool and Arsenal haven't really played any big names yet (and we're not counting our 1-0 win over Man United, they're not a big team anymore) and that Arsenal are actually in a worse position from the fixtures played than they were in last year's corresponding ties, that ultimately the league will end up in a two horse race between the mega squads of Chelsea and City and that, therefore, this isn't really a top of the table clash.

Well, it certainly feels like it from here and there are very few people that believe that Liverpool have any chance of victory so there's nothing to lose; let's throw caution to the wind shall we?

Let's have a laugh and see where we are at half seven on Saturday.

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