Liverpool: Sign Barkley, Bench Gerrard & Laugh At Old Bacon Face

Despite the odd blip everything is going swimmingly, now to kick on for the title...
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Liverpool: Sign Barkley, Bench Gerrard & Laugh At Old Bacon Face...

What’s going right? 

The quality of the football which, for large parts of the season, has been outstanding. Rodgers still has plenty of naysayers, mainly for his terrible taste in coats and talk of “winning the passing” but I’ve come round. A few blips – namely Hull when he tried to be to clever – but the sacking of White Hart Lane showed that the “project” is well on track. We’re second for God’s sake – did anyone really see that happening?

What’s not? 

The squad players. Against Hull he should’ve played both Aspas and Alberto in their chosen positions from the start, at least then we’d have more of an idea if they’re promising or just sh*te. Centre-back situation also needs sorting out, we might be scoring for fun but until we setlle on a first choice centre-half pairing we’ll ship goals and continue to be vulnerable to Agger, for one, wanting to leave.

Got the right manager? 

Yes, although if we fail to finish in the top four and have a real crack at the title it might be a different story.

Star player?  

Luis Suarez, you might have heard of him. Far what it’s worth my favourite goal was the third against Norwich, not for the flick, but for the way he paused for a millisecond while the defenders leg dropped then hit it on the half volley. Honourable mentions for the vastly improved Hendo, the return to form of Sterling and Skrtel, who finally looks like the player we thought we’d signed. Oh, and Flanno, his goal against Spurs was joy unconfined, he’s been superb and I see no reason to put Enrique in when he’s fit.

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Who would you like to sell in January? 

Nobody really, unless someone offers an amount approaching what we paid for Aspas to free up a bit of cash.

Who do you want to sign? 

A weird one this. A few weeks ago I’d have said a replacement for Lucas, but without Gerrard next to him and aided by the energy of Allen and Hendo he was allowed to focus on the job. I can’t be the only one to think our midfield was the best it’s been all season against Spurs. Saying that, we could still probably do with someone in there, so I’d go out on limb and say offer the bitters £25m for Barkley and watch Kenwright’s flaccid a*rse cheeks wobble.

Best chant so far? 

I don’t get to as many games as I’d like, so when I do I always get goosebumps for Fields of Anfield Rd, but it was great to hear Suarez getting the old Dalglish/Folwer chant.

Best opposition player/team you’ve seen? 

Cazorla was very good when Arsenal beat us, and Barkley and Lukaku caused us endless problems in the derby.

Biggest **** of the season so far?

Old bacon face. He should worry about his own gait.

Funniest Moment of the season so far?

“Nobody wants to grow up and be Gary Neville”. Bravo Carra, bravo.

End of season prediction?

Second… if we can get seven points from Cardiff, City and Chelsea. I don’t think Arsenal will buy the striker they need, Chelsea will continue to be inconsistent. City hold the cards.