Liverpool: Sign M'Vila & Pastore & Laugh At Moyes' Destruction Of The Evil Empire

Apart from the ludicrous managerial decisions in the Hull game it's all going well, now we need a top class destroyer and wouldn't sniff at giving Pastore the chance to prove he should be in the team at PSG...
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What’s going right?

At Anfield we're a free flowing, potent, endlessly threatening attacking force (with the exception of the Southampton game where we were the first 'bigger' team to be surprised by Pocchetino's men.

What’s not?

Away from home, not so much of the above; yet to really click on our travels and unable to show any indication that we can handle the challenge of the traditional top four on the road. Oh, and our back four (or five) is still susceptible to balls in from the flanks but that's only being going on for decades now so I'm sure we'll sort it out eventually; there is a definite worry that we collected too many centre backs in the summer and now aren't entirely sure what to do with them.

Got the right manager?

Yes but he dropped a massive one at Hull by trying to be too clever.

Star player? 

Not even a serious question at the moment; Luis Suarez is far and away the best player in the country, he's trying (and succeeding with) things that other players wouldn't have the imagination to consider. Anybody who doesn't appreciate that he is currently one of the three best players on the planet is lying to themselves (and/or an Evertonian)


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Who would you like to sell in January?

I'm not really bothered, we offloaded the dead wood that we needed rid of in the summer; there's a strong case to be made for attempting to move on Fabiola Borini as if even Sunderland don't deem him worthy of first team football then he is unlikely to become the answer to our need for a talented back up striker.

Who do you want to sign?

A strong defensive midfielder, somebody with a bit of bite to their game; the presence of Yann M'Vila at the Derby was a promising sign (although he was probably only there to watch his mates play). There's also a lovely rumour about a loan move for Javier Pastore which is exactly the kind of business that we've proven successful with so far; a talented player on the fringes at his current club and with a point to prove.

Best chant so far? 

Nothing new and sparkling but there was a moment in the Norwich game where the usual Suarez 'Just Can't Get Enough' song gave way to his name being adapted into the historically structured Dalglish/Fowler chant. That, my friends, is true acclaim.

Best opposition player/team you’ve seen?

Arsenal. By a very long way. The post match reports focused on how poor Liverpool had been but didn't take into account the fact that Arsenal had been immaculate in that game.

Biggest **** of the season so far?

David Moyes. His attitude to Everton after leaving stunk to high heaven. I don't defend our blue brethren that often but I applaud their righteous anger on this (and love that they now hate him more than we ever did). And of course Moyes' father figure, that red nosed Glaswegian who decided that Steven Gerrard wasn't a 'top, top player' after he'd tried to sign him. The serialisation of his latest diatribe only served to dampen his legacy under a blanket of bitterness.

Funniest Moment of the season so far?

David Moyes' ongoing comedy destruction of Fergie's empire. Oh it's a glorious thing to watch.

End of season prediction?

I said third at the beginning of the season and got ripped for it. I'm still saying third (particularly as December looks very tough with Spurs, Chelski and City away and no Gerrard or Sturridge to call on) but looking at the very real possibility of remaining in second. Champions League qualification should now be our minimum aim once again.