Liverpool: Suarez Arsenal Dalliance Forgotten, He's The Best In World & League Is Ours

Whatever we're paying him is simply not enough...
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As I write - 10.55pm Saturday night for those interested in the intricacies of match reporting - Malky Mackay is still gainfully employed as Cardiff manager but surely it's only a matter of time now before his pantomime villain boss enacts the second part of his already legendary 'resign or  be sacked' email. An utterly disgraceful way to treat a talented, dignified man.

Mackay was apparently taken aback by the support of the Anfield crowd at the end of his side's 3-1 loss to a once again rampant Liverpool. He needn't have been; we understand better than most the  perils of being owned by idiots who understand nothing of the nature of their possession - we have lived the dark times.

Now though? Now everything is shining before us.

Friday afternoon saw the early arrival of a Christmas gift that no Liverpudlian had expected to be so imminent; an extension to Luis Suarez' contract which ties him to the club until 2018 whilst making our once errant Uruguayan genius the highest paid player in Liverpool's history. That Arsenal dalliance in the summer? Foolish, ill considered and ancient history.

When a major player with designs on Champions League football signs a new deal it's easy to imagine that they know something that we don't; that they know the manager's plans, that they have an insight into the players that will arrive in January, that they have a genuine excitement about the future. In Luis Suarez' case it's very possible that it's all down to the fact that he feels that he is capable of winning the league for Liverpool single handedly.

The statistics will begin to grate. But only on opposition supporters. At 3pm on Saturday there were 11 Premiership clubs that had scored fewer goals than Suarez. In 2013 there are exactly no clubs whatsoever that have scored more goals than Liverpool. We have lost only 3 of our last 25 premier League games. We are, quite clearly, going to win the league. It's not even a question anymore.


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And when we do,no matter how much of a team we are - and trust me, we are; Brendan Rodgers has built a system and a playing staff designed to bring the best out of Luis Suarez and it appears to be working - much of the success will be down to Suarez.

Against Cardiff he ran the game yet again, scoring two and creating a third for Raheem Sterling (3 goals in 4 games himself now)  while displaying his full repertoire of tricks, flicks, shimmies and swerves. As great as his first goal was (a scorching volley off a Henderson cross that came from a move started by...oh go on, you fill in the blank) his second was superior, a brilliantly curled shot the result of a beautiful move started by...

Look, there are only so many ways that I can say that Luis Suarez is currently the greatest footballer on the planet.

3-0 by half time and yes, the second half was edgier and yes, the defending for Cardiff's goal was laughable and somebody needs to tell Martin Skrtel to keep his hands to himself in the box before he becomes a liability but these are minor gripes; it no longer matters what the other team does as Luis Suarez will out score them.

Whatever we're paying him, it isn't enough.