Liverpool: We Really F****d Up But This Title Race Ain't Over

Suarez was ill, Sturridge was unfit and Palace were brilliant - three things led to an almighty shambles where it (almost) all come crashing down...
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Liverpool: We Really F****d Up But This Title Race Ain't Over

You’re kidding, right? You want me to analyse that?

I have no idea what just happened. I know that I’m shaking. I know that I feel physically ill but I don’t know what just happened.

I know that there was tension and there looked as though there’d never be a breakthrough and then there was a breakthrough and then there was a mad minute near the beginning of the second half and suddenly we were three goals ahead and we were hunting more and we’d survived Palace’s pressure and Palace’s bombardment and broken through Palace’s Chelsea-esque defensive nine and we wanted four and we wanted five and we were thinking goal difference and how we’d put pressure on City through the sheer weight of goals scored and there was a terror coming and then the terror came.

But that terror came to us.


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There was over-commitment and there were breakaways and counter-attacks and panic and Palace were playing it on the floor and we didn’t know what was happening. Nobody knew what was happening and suddenly we went from the goal difference being reduced to the goal difference being severely reduced to the whole damn thing being in City’s hands.

There was tiredness and weakness and an obvious lack of options even in a season with only one front to battle on. There was a Suarez who was vomiting before the game, clearly not well, clearly off the pace, a Sturridge still far from fitness, a Jordan Henderson missing. There was a hurdle too far. There was a lead that should never have been lost somehow being lost.

Palace? Credit. Fought every second. Fans were ridiculous, noise was immense, Pulis has achieved beyond any expectations, their comeback was deserved, justified.

Liverpool? 81 points. Top of the league but now only 1 point ahead of City and played one game more; it’s all in City’s hands now.

But, there’s always a but…..

If City lose one of their last two games (and weirder things have happened - last night, for instance) then Liverpool need only beat Newcastle to win the league.

Still not over.

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