Liverpool: Why Signing Kovacic Could Mean Curtains For Coutinho

Could Rodgers rain Inter Milan again for their most treasured talent?
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Liverpool: Why Signing Kovacic Could Mean Curtains For Coutinho

Rodgers knows well that he must add to his already impressive side if they are to truly challenge on all fronts next season.

Step forward Inter Milan's Mateo Kovacic, the twenty-year-old Croatian playmaker rated so highly amongst those 'in the know' that just the merest mention of him sends football hipsters into a orgasmic frenzy. He's a bit good, is what we're trying to say.

And Internazionale, far from their heady Ronaldo-led heyday, are not. Despite the Italians wanting to protect their prize asset with all their still-considerable might, if a team with such aesthetic cachet as Liverpool come a-sniffing then they'd be bloody hard-pushed to hold onto him.

And that's just what's happening according to Daily Star, as Liverpool reportedly hold their interest in the dynamic number ten.

He won't be cheap though - expect him to cost in excess of £20million, which might mean kissing goodbye to that beloved 'underdog' tag...

Liverpool stole another prize talent off Inter a while ago, iced-gem haired playmaker Philippe Coutinho, but there have been questions raised about the Brazilian. While he's shown flashes of brilliance, his fitness and ability to survive the Premier League rough and tumble has been called into question with the star rarely making ninety minutes.

While he's a fan favourite, can Rodgers REALLY justify having both? Especially with the arrival of a certain Adam Lallana...


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