Liverpool's Chile Target Lays Into Bitey McRacist

Time for Liverpool to weigh it up: really good, gobby right-back or weird, racist but brilliant forward?
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Liverpool's Chile Target Lays Into Bitey McRacist

As we mentioned earlier, Liverpool are apparently dead keen on signing impressive Chilean right-back Mauricio Isla but that plan might be scuppered by the the fact that the player kinda doesn't like Luis Suarez very much... quotes Isla as saying "It was an ugly gesture that has no place at a World Cup." Pretty fair, like. "For FIFA, for everyone watching, it's something you don't want to see and now Uruguay have lost an important player". 

Seeing as the Kopites, bit like Uruguayans, won't have a bad word said about ol' Bitey McRacist, that one might be a no go before it's even really got going. Shame, though, because as you can see, dude's pretty decent.


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