Liverpool's Luis Suarez And Other Players Who Couldn't Hit A Barn Door

Yesterday we asked you to tell us which player couldn't hit a ewe with a ukelele, here's what you told us...
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Luis Suárez - Liverpool

The now banned Uruguayan has fired in 73 shots this term and only found the net five times for Liverpool. Or, according to @jamalguthrie "the guy has had about 400 shots this year and has less goals than Helguson. Causal racism is more his thing. "

Anderson - Manchester United

"Stevie Wonder can play the piano like nobody's business yet Ando can't hit a 7.5m x 2.5m target from 10 yards" @seanbean44

Stewart Downing - Liverpool

"Oh and Downing! He couldn't hit a banjo with a whole cow @jamalguthrie

Bobby Zamora - Fulham

"When the ball hits the head of the man in row Z it's Zamora."@garageowns

A battalion of ex-Derby players

"Derek Hales, Billy Caskey, Roy Greenwood and Danny Graham when playing for Derby. All better elsewhere…" @col_irrelevant

Matias Vuoso ex Manchester City

"Keegan bought the Mexican striker on the strength of a video for a lot of money. He could barely run. 0 goals." @the_paris_angel

Filipe Sebo - Rangers

"£2.5m Filip Sebo - couldn't score in the SPL for Rangers. He is the 1%!" @johnnyutah100

A raft of ex-Manchester City players

"Trevor Christie, Tony Cunningham, Egil Ostenstad, Lee Bradbury, Gerry Creaney, Gareth Taylor, all in their #MCFC pomp" @bifana_bifana

Georgi Samaras - Celtic

"Mr. G. Samaras. I rest my case." @damajboy

Gervinho and Heskey

Gervinhio and Heskey. Both vegetarians when it comes to cows arses. @citizenbb

Maroune Chamakh

"Chamakh; the worst value for money free transfer there's ever been". #afc @gregcross82

Billy Paynter - Leeds

"Nicknamed barndoor Billy when he was at Leeds"

@jackdoherty @DarrenLeathley and about 15 others

Honroable mentions also go to Jason Lee (5 mentions) Fernando Torres (15) and Liverpool's Andy Carroll (20)

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