Liverpool's Luis Suarez Banned: 5 Potential Outcomes For The Club And Player

Will he leave, will Carroll start scoring, will we sign a striker, will Dirk Kuyt learn to trap a ball?
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So Luis Suarez has been banned for 8 games and fined £40,000. As a Liverpool fan I'm obviously gutted that the leader of our increasingly hungry pack is out, as someone who abhors racism, I'm glad that a precedent has been set. I'm not here to get into the ifs, whys, buts or whatever, or the cultural or linguistic issues that surround the case, the FA might be a bunch of clowns, but if they've made the decision then no amount of whining for me is going to change it. Nor, I imagine, will an appeal from Liverpool.

So now what. Well, the positives in a footballing sense is that he can play the next three fixtures against Wigan, Blackburn and Newcastle, three fixtures that should yield 9 points and his first game back will be against Manchester United on February 11th. Ok, there are the facts, here comes the conjecture. What are the ramifications for Suarez as a player and Liverpool as a club? What are we going to do without him and what will the effect be on him?

He'll leave

Highly unlikely because of the ban, but with the status of Liverpool as a club Suarez is going to get hammered at away games. Despite the finger to Fulham fans (who deserved it if we're being honest) Suarez seems the sort of player will be able to cope with this. He clearly loves the club and the English game and, unless the Spanish vultures from Madrid and Barcelona try and take advantage, I can't see this happening. I've got everything crossed as I write this. So has the dog.

We'll sign a striker

I don't for one moment believe we'll sign a big name but with Rory Donnelly linked today I imagine that will be speeded up. Liverpool have a history of blooding young, fearless goalscorers who have plied their trade in the lower divisions and even if the gap between them and the Premier League is supposedly bigger these days, imagine how great it would be if the lad signed and started banging them in from everywhere and then formed a devastating partnership with Suarez that began with a 5-0 rout at Old Trafford. Wife now sat down with legs crossed, boy on standby.

Steven Gerrard will pick up the mantle

Pictures from Melwood today showed the skipper tanned, smiling and skinning Charlie Adam. Good. With Lucas also injured now more than ever would be a good time for him to come in, slot into the middle and recapture his form of a couple of seasons ago. We need a leader, a fulcrum and someone who can score vital goals and rattle defences. Gerrard still has the legs to run on beyond the strikers and the desire to be the main man. Boy contorted into a figure 8, father-in-law limbering up.

Bellamy will go into overdrive

Although he doesn't twist and turn as much as Suarez you couldn't really ask for a better replacement than Bellers. Instrumental against Villa, great against Chelsea and in the top three performers every other time he has played, he has already been the loan signing of the season, and better than most have signed permanently, with only Aguero and Mata possibly above him. Let's hope his knees hold out. I've just twisted my knob into a sailors knot.

Carroll will start scoring

Yes, I'm joking. I've nothing against the Ox but he isn't up to it at present. A forward line of Maxi, Kuyt and Bellers will I imagine be first choice and, even if Maxi can go missing and Kuyt has the first touch of a Bramble, the interplay, movement and doggedness of the three will be enough against most teams. For now, that is all, I’m off to bribe a tramp into a game of twister and gaffa tape him together.

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